I really cant think about anything to change about myself at the moment but there is definitely something everybody, including Mr. Rogers, would like to change about themselves. One thing I am thinking of is how not to panic easily. I would also like to be fluent in Spanish or other languages to explore in other countries without the feeling of being stuck if someone ask me a question. I would like to change my mental status by getting rid of my ADHD, OCD, and Aspergeres Syndrome. I am not ashamed of having them but I rather not struggle socially, not have obsessive fears and not being absent minded as that is a common trait of ADHD. I would also like to change how I walk as I walk with a hunchback. I would also like to change about my attitude in college. I am not completely sure what I want to do with my life so going to college is a proper option to discover what you want to do. However at the same time I do dislike going to college. Not that the work is hard and I do have great professors but for some reason I do feel a sense of emptiness when I walk towards my college. Likely out of boredom as I don’t really learn during their lectures. I wish there was a mind control machine I would utilize on my professors and counselors to graduate me already but life doesn’t work that way (no disrespect towards my professors and counselor). I also wish there was a time machine to change the mistakes I made of my past. There is something else I would like to change is how to be patient regarding homework. I am obsessed with finishing as soon as I can but at the same time want to be 100 percent correct. Every time I get stuck on an answer you could say I mildly panic due to my obsession with finishing. Honestly there are a lot of things I would like to transform about myself.